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We can handle sanitation requirements of events with up to 10 lakhs participants. . Only one company in Central India that can care for all of your needs when it comes to event waste management. VSR Sanitation Products provides a variety of different services to help at events, including:

We also provide Manufacture and Hire of following products:

The VSR EVENTS SERVICES team would welcome the chance to share more information or a quote. We welcome the opportunity to assist customers who recognize the value of selecting a correct Event Waste tool that genuinely “Care for the Earth.”

  • Portable Toilets With water supply
  • Flush Portable Toilets for weddings
  • 0 waste bio-digesters
  • Portable Urinals
  • Water Supply in Tankers
  • Mobile Hydraulic Septic Suckers
  • Zero Waste Event Management
  • Mobile Toilets on Whee

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Why choose VSR EVENT SERVICES to manage your event?


We have over 5 years of TRUSTED expertise in the sanitation industry and will consult your event on the proper equipment needed and the best event sanitation tools to fit your needs.


We have 1500 numbers of toilet attendants to take care of maintenance of Loos. They are well equipped with all the required weapons for 24 x7 upkeep of the rest rooms.


We have a fleet of water tankers to source water to the toilets in case water source is not nearby and ofcourse at a price. We have a fleet of vacuum trucks for suction for waste . Normally these outlets are connected to the existing sewerage drainage system.


We provide MORE to our customers by quantifying your patrons usage and offer solutions if the turnover is very high or crowds uncontrollable. We will try to make your event a “Sustainable” or “Green” event. This is truly the new “Gold” standard that many events in our area are trying to reach – true sustainability in cleanliness and hygiene.


Our business is pan-Indian and we pride ourselves on providing unmatched customer service to any part of India as our Sanitation Business Division is located in Nagpur which is equi- distant from any part of our country. When you contact us, you are not calling a lazy company, We are right here, in every indian city. We can meet you onsite to ensure equipment is delivered to the right locations and attend the events to ensure they go smooth.


No matter the size of event – let it be in millions —  and we have many years of experience in providing event services and managing these waste streams and collection.


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